We couldn't have said it better!

Here is feedback from a Kerygma customer!

The people at Kerygma know how to put together studies on the Bible. 

And this (study) is the granddaddy of them all, the entire Bible!  It presents an entirely new way of looking at the Bible from all of the other Bible studies out there. Instead of dissecting each individual book of the Old and New Testament, as is typical, the Kerygma way is to show how the Bible is a story from beginning to end not a collection of tales.

The Bible's individual books have interlocking and interweaving themes that are presented here in a clear and concise manner which shows how each of the ten themes are connected. 

Each theme, such as Wisdom, is broken down into three or four chapters that allow the facilitator to lead the group through fun and enjoyable individual/small group exercises to further enhance the learning experience. Whether you are an experienced theologian or a first time reader of the Bible this will be an amazing journey for you and your small group friends.

Not only will it allow you to more deeply embrace the Good News but it will enable you to look at familiar words, phrases, and verses in an entirely new light. Our group was constantly saying, " I never thought of it that way before!" You will look back on this purchase as one of the best you have ever made!"


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