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Dr. Carol Bechtel—Never Tired of Teaching The Bible and Handel’s Messiah

  Have you ever wondered how a young girl could grow up to become a professor of Old Testament? Here is how it happened for Kerygma author and Professor Carol Bechtel.  As a child, Dr. Bechtel was an avid reader, and always wanted to bring books with her to church. Her mother wouldn’t let her bring her Nancy Drew mysteries or other books, b...

There is No Substitute for Scripture.

Interview with Kerygma author Dr. Carol J. Miller. Kerygma studies are written by pastors, seminary or college professors, or Bible scholars. Sometimes an author is all three. Common to all Kerygma authors is preparation (e.g. seminary or graduate study), experience within their respective ministries, on-going study of the Scriptures, and cont...


Every Bible study group has a story, a history. We don’t usually think of a small group as having a “history.” After all, small groups are not permanent; members come and go, times change. One group ends; another group forms. Small groups, and especially Bible study and prayer groups, are important to the life of the local church and to the ...

Reflection: Speaking of Isaiah

As we release Kerygma’s 40th study, Isaiah: Holy, Holy, Holy, we greatly appreciate the help of one Ethiopian court official in bringing attention to both the importance of the book of Isaiah and our participating together to understand how the words of the prophet Isaiah speak to our world today!
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