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ISAIAH (Parts 2 & 3) Resource Book



ISAIAH, Part Two—Do Not Be Afraid! (Isaiah, chapters 40-55)
6 Sessions

Some of the most beautiful passages in the Scriptures. See and hear the word of the Lord as Isaiah uses words and visions that inspire, strengthen, and sustain those who have lost all they had known. Focus on the words Isaiah uses to draw attention to God—the creator, sustainer, and redeemer. Reflect on the visions, images, and metaphors Isaiah uses to convey to us that there are no substitutes for the Lord God. God alone deserves our hope and trust, and thus, is the only one in whom we put our faith.


  • Prepare the Way of the Lord
  • Sing a Song of God’s Servant
  • Do Not Be Afraid!
  • A Light to the Nations
  • The Servant, a Man of Suffering
  • God’s Steadfast Love and Compassion


ISAIAH, Part ThreeYour Light Has Come (Isaiah, chapters 56-66)
5 Sessions

God’s people returning from exile in Babylon and those who stayed behind In Jerusalem struggle to overcome differences and reestablish a community. How will God’s people come together to share in God’s future? Isaiah speaks of God’s house as a house of prayer for all peoples, describes God as reaching out to all nations, and communicates God’s promises in ways that capture the attention and imagination of a struggling community—and eventually the attention of a New Testament community, as Jesus reads from Isaiah 61 to identify himself and his mission.                                                                  


  • The Gathering God of Israel
  • A Life Essential to the Lord
  • The Light Shines in the Darkness
  • A New Identity: The Redeemed of the Lord
  • New Heavens and New Earth!