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Revelation: Visions for the Church in Crisis


14 Sessions 

Deep insight to a very challenging book.  Studying Revelation in context clarifies its message to an early church facing severe crisis.  Its relevance for today is not in prophetic visions, but in its affirmation of victory and hope. 



·      Introduction: How to Study the Revelation

·      Setting in John's Life and Faith

·      Setting in Seven Churches on Earth

·      Setting in Heaven

·      Six Seals and the Saved Throngs

·      Seventh Seal: Six Trumpets, Three Woes of the Eagle

·      Interludes on Old Testament Themes: Seventh Trumpet

·      Signs: The Woman and the Dragon

·      Two Beasts and Several Sequels

·      The Seven Bowls: The Last Plagues

·      The Final Fall of "Babylon"

·      Victory in Heaven and Earth

·      All Things New

·      Epilogue: Final Address to the Church




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