The Kerygma Program Bible Studies - 2020

Welcome to The Kerygma Program, Comprehensive, Challenging and Effective Adult Bible studies. Kerygma resources promise a deeply satisfying encounter with Scripture, for those long familiar with the Bible and those opening its pages for the first time. Our sound and creative courses of study include:

Kerygma 2020 Catalog of Bible Study Resources
    Click here to view and download our 2020 Catalog


    The Kerygma Program -- An Overview:  Each course offers a Resource Book and Leader's Guide.

    The Resource Book, for participants as well as the leader(s), is written by a scholar in a "reader-friendly" style and is used along with the Bible. Each participant is encouraged to purchase a Resource Book for home preparation, as informed individual study makes for active shared learning.

    Leader's Guide/Leader Kit: The Leader’s Guide is written by an educator to unpack the Resource Book’s content into winning strategies for exciting, interactive sessions. Our Leader’s Guides, offered on CD/DVD, include slide presentations and videos, suggest a rich variety of learning strategies and offer multiple options for session planning.

    Kerygma's program design provides an educational strategy to give substance and shape to your Bible study group, encouraging learning experiences that are valid and fulfilling.

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