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Kerygma offers 37 Bible studies. They range in length from 4 to 34 sessions and generally fit into a 60 minute time period.

Courses are grouped by their focus into the following categories.  Click on any one to see our offerings in that category. For a comprehensive list of all courses, see our Course Listing page.

Kerygma Bible Study

Foundational studies focus on the Bible (Bible-whole) trace a particular theme throughout both Old & New Testaments.



  Studies that look at books, events or themes found in the OLD TESTAMENT



 Studies that offer an in-depth look at each of the four GOSPELS.



 NEW TESTAMENT books, events, or themes are the focus in these studies.



 Studies focusing on a specific THEME found through and in the Bible.


Seasonal studies that include ADVENT, LENT and MUSICAL studies.



Additional resources to help plan, promote, support, and celebrate your study.

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