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Adult Bible Studies with a Difference .... making a difference for 40 years!

Kerygma offers 37 quality resources that continue stimulating faith and challenging minds! Kerygma courses will transform and revitalize adult Bible study in your congregation. The success of the Kerygma approach to Adult Bible study is best explained by the enthusiastic classes which make the Bible relevant, promoting Christian growth through interaction with each other.

Kerygma Resources include: (Click here to view catalog)


Foundational Studies: In-depth study of the Bible whole
Thematic Studies: Focus on a particular theme, topic or book
The Gospels
Old Testament Studies and New Testament Studies
Great Themes of the Bible: 4 Themes Taken from The Bible Indepth
Seasonal: For Advent and Lent
Resources for Leaders: Kerygma prefers Leader to teacher, the leader being a learner among learners. 

Included with each Kerygma study is:

The Resource Book for all participants including the leader(s). It is written by a scholar in a "reader-friendly" style and is used along with the Bible.

Informed individual study makes for active shared learning.

The Leader’s Guide is written by an educator to unpack the Resource Book’s content into winning strategies for exciting, interactive sessions. Our Leader’s Guides, now mostly available on CD/DVD, suggest a rich variety of learning strategies multiple options for session planning suggested activities for each session. Slide presentations and video ability to customize lesson plans for studies available on CD/DVD.


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