DRAFT Kerygma Bible Studies

Welcome to Kerygma, a program of Adult Bible studies that are comprehensive, challenging, and effective. 

Since 1977, The Kerygma Program has served congregations worldwide by publishing quality, non-denominational resources for Bible study and recommending proven strategies for developing and sustaining effective study groups. 

Kerygma resources promise a deeply satisfying encounter with Scripture, for those long familiar with the Bible and those opening its pages for the first time. Our sound and creative courses of study include:

Kerygma Bible Study Catalog 2017

Foundational studies focusing on the Bible as a whole
Old Testament studies
New Testament studies
Seasonal studies for Advent and Lent
Thematic studies that focus on a particular subject or theme
Additional resources to help support and promote your study 

The Resource Book is for all participants including the leader(s). It is written by a scholar in a "reader-friendly" style and is used along with the Bible. Each participant is encouraged to purchase a Resource Book for home preparation. Informed individual study makes for active shared learning.

The Leader’s Guide is written by an educator to unpack the Resource Book’s content into winning strategies for exciting, interactive sessions. Our Leader’s Guides, now mostly available on CD/DVD, suggest:

Print out in PDF available for nominal cost upon request.

We will be offering this disk format on many of our older studies in the near future. (A print-out of the Leader's Guide PDF is available at a nominal cost, upon request when purchasing a disk format.)

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