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Kerygma Bible Studies

Welcome to Kerygma, a program of Adult Bible studies that are comprehensive, challenging, and effective.

Since 1977, The Kerygma Program has served congregations worldwide by publishing quality, non-denominational resources for Bible study and recommending proven strategies for developing and sustaining effective study groups.

Kerygma resources promise a deeply satisfying encounter with Scripture, for those long familiar with the Bible and those opening its pages for the first time. Our sound and creative courses of study include:


Click here to download our 2022 Catalog in PDF.

We are committed to the principle that educational resources alone cannot provide an effective educational experience, and offer strategies to create, sustain, and support a strong effective adult education ministry.

Kerygma's program design provides an educational strategy to give substance and shape to your Bible study group's education. Implicit in the design is the conviction that effective adult education should be structured, disciplined, intentional, cumulative and progressive. These elements encourage learning experiences that are valid and fulfilling.