Comprehensive, Effective, Inductive, and Engaging Bible Studies for adults

for groups, large and small.






Kerygma has served congregations since 1977

Our resources provide tools to understand and study Scripture, for those familiar with the Bible and those opening its pages for the first time. We provide educational strategies to build, strengthen, and sustain christian education ministries.

FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE — for any schedule — for clergy or lay leaders!

With Kerygma, Bible study can be a truly exciting experience of learning and growth.

When it comes to Bible study, Go deep! Go Kerygma! Come GROW with us!

Kerygma studies include Foundational studies to survey the Bible as a whole

Old Testament studies and New Testament studies

Seasonal Studies written for (or well suited for) Advent or Lent

Thematic studies about a specific theme or subject

Additional resources provide tools to support and promote your study

Visit our Course Listing page for a comprehensive list of all courses.

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