The purpose of the Kerygma Training Workshops is twofold. For churches evaluating The Kerygma Program, the workshop provides an opportunity to review all dimensions of the program. For churches preparing to use The Kerygma Program, it provides practical training in leadership, administration, and interpretation.


INVITE US, WE WILL COME TO YOU! Workshops may be scheduled and sponsored on a contractual basis. The Kerygma Program will provide a trainer for any denomination or church-related organization that would like to sponsor a training event. Details on schedule, promotion, and financial requirement are available upon request.   


The Kerygma Adult Learning Workshop

We will gladly schedule a workshop for any regional body which would like us to come. We provide leadership and cover all travel and materials costs. We ask the host group to cover lunch expenses for your participants and to register 10+ congregations for the event. The host group may choose to charge a fee for registration/lunch, as Kerygma will not. The workshops run from 10 am to 3 pm and focus on the challenge of raising adult biblical literacy in congregations.



The Kerygma Challenge Workshop

(Half-day workshop) Transform your church with an every-member, pulpit-led, in-depth study of the Bible! We can show you how! Kerygma will provide leadership training along with an introductory lesson experience for your congregation. We will show you how to effectively plan and promote a church-wide Bible study. For more on this, see The Kerygma Challenge. 



Sprinters or Marathoners Workshop

(2 1/2 hr workshop) Explore the possibilities and rewards of a Bible study "marathon" in a 'sprinter" world. Embrace the strengths and challenges that longer (and shorter) studies bring to your adult class. Don't get stuck in the "4 weeks or less" rut. Take on a big one! We'll help coach you to break through "The Wall"!



Love the Way I Learn

(2 1/2 hr workshop) Discover your unique learning style! If you recognize the many learning preferences of your adult Bible study members and plan your lesson accordingly, you will transform your group. Using the basics of Garner's Multiple Intelligences Theory, participants determine their own personal preferences and help modify a lesson plan to appeal to others like themselves.

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