The Leader's Guide:  Each information-packed session is appended with Guidelines for Study, including:

  1. Background from the Author
  2. Questions for Reflection
  3. Issues for Further Study
  4. Exercises for interactive group exploration of key biblical texts and issues.

"Preparing to Lead" provides additional guidance for using all the available resources to craft lively group sessions. These sections are intended to assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from the study whether you use it individually or with a group. Also, we hope pastors will find this a valuable resource for preaching on the material presented by Dr. Gowan.

Shalom: the Biblical Concept of Peace

Thematic study


14 Sessions

by Donald E. Gowan


 Resource Book and Leader's Guide in PDF on Disc!

Shalom shines biblical light on the issues and unsettled mood of our times. Today, more than ever, we cry out for shalom. See what the Bible says. Old Testament scholar Donald E. Gowan unravels the multiple biblical threads of this eternal quest in this masterful exploration of the Hebrew concept "shalom" and the Greek "eirene." Peacemaking is a central concern of the church and the world today.



  • What Do We Mean When We Say "Peace"?


  • What They Meant by Shalom in Israel


  • Wholeness, Health and Harmony: God's Intention


  • God of Peace & God of War


  • Division, Illness & Conflict: The World As We Know It


  • Good News from God!


  • Christ Brings Peace with God to the Believer


  • Christ Brings Peace with God to the Church


  • Blessed are the Peacemakers - Part I


  • Blessed are the Peacemakers - Part II


  • Christians as Peacemakers


  • Hope for Peace, Part I: Peace for Israel


  • Hope for Peace, Part II: Peace on Earth


  • What Good are Promises?  


  • The Importance of Hoping for Shalom.



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