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Great Themes: God Is Faithful



7 Sessions

At the heart of the Bible's story is a relationship between God and people, sparked by God's initiative, sustained by God's promise, and sealed in covenant terms.  Come, track the narrative as God holds steady while the people struggle to keep faith and fulfill their mission in God's world. The covenant relationship is explored from Abraham through Moses, David, and the Prophets, up to Jesus—calling us to renew our place among God's loyal people. 




·         God's Covenant Established

·         The World of the Old Testament

·         God's Faithfulness to Israel

·         The Prophets and God's Covenant

·         The World of the New Testament

·         Jesus and Fulfillment

·         God's New Covenant Faithfulness


One of four themes taken from The Bible In Depth that make up our series, Great Themes of the Bible. Others are:


      God Saves A People


       Knowing God


       God Calls Leaders