Kerygma Says, "Bible Study Matters"

There is No Substitute for Scripture.

An Interview with Dr. Carol J. Miller

"Of the 40 studies in Kerygma’s library of resources, the Rev. Dr. Carol J. Miller, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, now retired, has written 10 of them."

“The Scriptures are the foundation for deciding what we do and how we think. This is true for individual Christians as well as every congregation, and for the Church as a whole. Put simply, the Bible is the Church’s book, written by the Church, for the Church. Protestants must be able to see the content of their faith in and through the Scriptures. For us, there is no promise of love and forgiveness without the Bible. There is no command to love the neighbor and the enemy. Christianity is a living faith with a guide that can make itself heard over the noise of hate.

Without the community studying the Scripture together, the congregation will not know its mission from God, its’ life together centered in love and mercy. It will remain unaware of its mission as a tool to speak the truth of Almighty God for the life-giving peace of the world. There is no substitute for Scripture.”

Let's Hear it for Groups!

Our world is becoming more solitary. At meals and in meetings, people look at their cell phones instead of talking to each other. People watch movies at home or on tablets instead of in a theater.

We couldn't have said it better!

"The people at Kerygma know how to put together studies on the Bible. And this (study) is the granddaddy of them all, the entire Bible!"

Preparing for the Growth Season

What do we do about it? Continue to offer challenging and engaging opportunities for adults in our church communities to learn about and grow in the Christian faith.


Every Bible study group has a story, a history. Small groups, and especially Bible study and prayer groups, are important to the life of the local church and to the Church overall.  Read the story of one group that formed almost 20 years ago for Bible study during the summer.

Reflection: Speaking of Isaiah

As we release Kerygma’s 40th study, Isaiah: Holy, Holy, Holy, we greatly appreciate the help of one Ethiopian court official in bringing attention to both the importance of the book of Isaiah and our participating together to understand how the words of the prophet Isaiah speak to our world today!

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