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Educational Guidelines

Teaching has been central to the life of the people of God from the earliest times. Across the centuries, the function and method of teaching has varied widely. The educational methodology of Kerygma incorporates the best of current educational theory. The Leader’s Guide for each course provides a variety of ideas and strategies for effective teaching.

The educational guidelines identify the approach of the educational methodology of The Kerygma Program:

1. Each study resource that is published by The Kerygma Program will include a Resource Book and a Leader’s Guide. The Resource Book will be prepared by a knowledgeable scholar who is also a skilled communicator through the written word. The Leader’s Guide will be prepared by an educator/writer who is able to translate the contents of the Resource Book into manageable session plans that can be implemented by committed leaders.


2. The Bible is the primary text for study. The Resource Book serves as a guide for each participant, including the leader. The Leader’s Guide serves as a basic planning resource for the group leader.


3. The Kerygma Program study resources will be written in such a way that persons will be helped to 

▪ learn the basics and the complexities of the literature of the Bible;  

▪ develop skills for interpreting Scripture; and  

▪ apply learning from the Bible to personal and corporate contemporary situations of faith and life.