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The Book of Revelation: All Creation's Hallelujah


Coming Soon in 2024!

The Revelation to John--the last book of the Bible, and sometimes the first book to capture eyes and ears of people and cultures across time. This study enables groups to learn together about messages to first century (CE) churches and how these speak to churches today. Explore visions conveyed in apocalyptic style that provoke faithful wonder and how symbols and metaphors illustrate God’s character and purpose as well as the consequences of evil. Study the ways in which prophecy conveys what matters to God and what Christians need to do to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus, the Messiah and Savior of the world, and to respect God’s loving care for all creation. The Leader Disk (or Flash Drive) includes the Leader’s Guide PDF, a Slide Presentation and Video segments with the author Robert A. Bryant.


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