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Theological Approach


Theology has always been an important element in the teaching of the Bible in the church. While every study of the Bible is informed by theological presuppositions, the study resources of The Kerygma Program seek to provide an approach to biblical theology rather than to teach a particular historical systematic theology. With an emphasis on biblical theology, the study of the Bible is viewed as a prelude to theological belief.

Theological Approach
Those responsible for the development of The Kerygma Program study resources have made a concentrated effort to avoid unwarranted theological presuppositions in the writing and editing. Since people from a variety of theological traditions and backgrounds have found these publications meaningful and helpful, the effort seems to be successful. Three convictions influence the writing and editing.

First is the belief that the best resource for Bible study is the Bible itself. This truism requires a qualification: the resource is the Bible whole. Many theological heresies have originated in and been supported by piecemeal, selective reading of the Scripture. Kerygma foundational courses aim at whole-Bible knowledge, and the elective courses are prepared in the light of this aim.

Second is the belief that if the Bible is understood on its own terms, it will convey its own truth. Kerygma study resources make every attempt to let Scripture speak for itself. This means that the best available unbiased resources are employed to promote an understanding of the Bible in its original settings. Careful use of such resources minimizes the possibility of personal or confessional interpretation.

Third is the conviction that biblical understanding is a prelude to theological belief. The Bible should inform theology. Theology should not inform the Bible. Bible study, then, helps persons develop theological beliefs. The Kerygma Program seeks to point learners in that direction. Its intention is to give a biblical basis and dimension to the faith and life of those who are studying. When studying the Bible, one always should be open, be ready to discover, and be willing to learn something new.