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Discovering the Bible: A New Generation



30 Sessions - 15 Old Testament, 15 New Testament
by Boyd E. Lien


Introduce your congregation to the people, places and stories of the Bible and discover where The Story lives in your story! Through a process of reading, reflection, discussion and creative expression, both the first-time learner and the lifelong student are invited to an engaging, rewarding encounter with Scripture that will greatly deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

Incorporating good scholarship with sound learning principles, this course is ideal for Sunday-morning groups ready for serious study, or weekday groups excited to pursue a study of the Bible whole. It may be scheduled for one or one and one-half hours, and may be led by church professionals or laypersons. The 30 sessions may also be divided into modular study units allowing room for appropriate seasonal breaks.


Old Testament

 The Search
 The Scriptures
 The Beginnings
 The Promise
 The Exodus
 The Journey
 The Conquest
 The Kings
 The Two Kingdoms
 The Prophets
 The Exile
 The Return
 The Law
 The Wisdom
 The Visions

New Testament

 The Good News
 The Savior
 The Ministry
 The Teachings
 The Kingdom
 The Crucifixion
 The Resurrection
 The Spirit
 The Mission
 The Journeys
 The Proclamation
 The Church
 The New Life
 The Hope
 The Goal