Resource Book and Leader’s Guide by Boyd Lien 




Recommended supplemental resource:

 History of the Bible In English

 34 minute DVD with Q&A's -   $21.95 



Leader's CD/DVD can be sold separately. Disk contents can be provided on a flash drive for those computers without a disk drive. Also a print out of the Leader's Guide can be purchased along with the disk. Just call or email us for any of these options.

Discovering the Bible: A New Generation Leader Kit

Foundational Study


Contains the elements required for the leader in one kit:


RESOURCE BOOK – The leader will start here, reading the same material as the participants, for guided reading along with their Bible.


LEADER’S GUIDE CD/DVD SET offers strategies and teaching aids including:  

·        Leader’s Guide document, in PDF format, written to be used along with the Resource Book.  It offers clear guidelines for creative, participatory class discussion and activities. There are multiple engaging activitiesDiscov Bible Ldr Gde session sample for each session to choose from, allowing leaders the opportunity to customize their own lesson plan. Copy & paste your choices into a blank document and tailor for your own class. 


·        Slide Presentation for in-class use with visuals and activities to enhance the learning experience.  Individual slides JPEGs are also included if you wish to create your own. (click for sample)


·         Video visits with Boyd Lien, “A Word From the Author” 


The new Leader's Guide CD-Rom component will delight leaders and visual learners:

  • Customized lesson planning made easy
  • New interactive learning options
  • Slide presentation for each session includes some/all of the following:
    • opening prayer or responsive reading
    • questions for group discussion
    • summarizing quotes from biblical scholars
    • artwork depicting key biblical passages
    • maps, charts, and exercises from participant's Resource book

The Leader’s Guide also includes a separate DVD which features 6 short video visits with author, Boyd Lien, for in class use.





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