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Beginnings A Study of the Call of God in Genesis



14 Sessions

Based on Walter Brueggemann's commentary Genesis, Beginnings takes a fresh look at some familiar Bible stories. Discussions of creation and creationism, the rebellion of humankind and the Flood bring new perspectives on today's issues. The experiences of Abraham, Esau, Jacob and Joseph speak to Christians seeking to live responsibly in our world. 



The "Pre-History":  Sovereign Call of God

  •  The Creation of the World
  • The Creation of Rebellion of  Humankind
  • Cain, Abel and God
  • The Flood and New Creation

The Abraham Narrative: The Embraced Call of God

  • The Promise of God
  •  The Faith of Abraham  
  •  A New Righteousness
  • The Testing and Providing

The Jacob Narrative: The Conflicted Call of God

  • Jacob's Conflict with Esau
  •  Jacob's Encounter with God and Laban
  •  Jacob at the Jabbok

The Joseph Narrative: The Hidden Call of God

  •  The Dream of Joseph
  • The Fulfillment and Resolution of the Dream