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Exodus: Gateway to the Bible



14 Sessions

The book of Exodus, called the source book of the Bible, initiates great themes of the faith: salvation and revelation, promise and fulfillment, covenant and community.  Beginning with the stories of Exodus,

participants see that the covenant relationship between God and people echoes throughout the whole Bible.  Anchoring us in the testimony of scripture, the study will strengthen and enrich, enliven and inform our faithful living today.   


·       Introduction: Exodus and Biblical Theology

·        Darkness: Life and Death in Egypt

·      The Burning Bush: God's Self-Introduction

·        Moses: An Unlikely Leader

·       The Plagues: Who is God—Yahweh or Pharaoh

·        Deliverance: Passover and the Last Supper

·        Final Victory: The Wonder at the Sea

·        Wilderness: A New and Dangerous Life

·       Covenant: God's Promise to the People

·       Law: Instruction for Living

·       The Tabernacle: God Chooses to Dwell Among the People

·       The Golden Calf: Israel's "Fall Story"

·       Forgiveness: Foundation for the Future

·        Exodus as a Basis for Theological Reflection