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Romans: A Letter for Today



15 Sessions *

A unique opportunity that only happens once every 500 years! This revised and updated edition of Dr. Calvin Roetzel’s study of Paul’s letter to the Romans includes a opening session in observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, 1517-2017. Introduce your congregation and study participants to the role that Paul’s letter played in the life of seminal reformer Martin Luther and the events surrounding the Reformation. Discover why Romans is called "the most inspirational letter ever written." Appreciate why these words to the Church in ancient Rome echo still with energy and power. Encounter theology in the making as Paul wrestles with enduring issues: justification and grace, sin and salvation, a vision of unity, and the faithfulness of God—the same issues that believers, old and new, have contemplated throughout the history of the church.

* 15 or 9 Sessions. The revised Leader's Guide includes Dr. Roetzel's suggested consolidation without missing any of Paul's important message to the Romans.


·      Celebrating Luther's Reading of Romans

·      Who Was Paul?

·      Trouble, Trouble, Trouble - But Help Is On the Way

·      The Big Bang

·      Romans as the All Letter

·      "Therefore"

·      Was Paul's Gospel Soft on Sin?

·      The Ongoing Struggle

·      Life in the Spirit

·      Are God's Promises Reliable?

·      Faith in Everyday Life

·      The Believer and the Government

·      The "Weak" and the "Strong"

·      The Beginning and the End

·      Final Greetings and Farewell