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Ginny Ward Holderness

 Ginny Ward Holderness is a certified Christian educator in the Presbyterian Church (USA). A graduate of Westminster College and the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (now Union Presbyterian Seminary), Ginny is best known for her work in youth ministry, having written The Exuberant Years; Youth Ministry: The New Team Approach; Teaming Up: Shared Leadership in Youth Ministry (co-author, Robert S. Hay); and Career and Calling (co-author, Forrest C. Palmer Jr.) as well as many pieces of curricula. She has taught continuing education courses and been a visiting faculty member for the Extended Campus Program at Union Presbyterian Seminary.


Ginny’s focus has shifted to adult education, particularly young adults and parents. She loves teaching the Bible. In her current role as a consultant in Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, North Carolina, she particularly enjoys leading the Young Moms Bible Study. Ginny has served churches in Little Rock, AR, Shelby, Concord, Greenville, and Sanford, NC, and Dalton, GA and has been named the 2011 Educator of the Year by the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators.


Ginny's husband, the late Jim Holderness, was a Presbyterian pastor. They have two children, J.B. and Lorinda, son-in-law David (an Episcopal priest), and two grandchildren. Ginny’s passions, besides Bible study and having been “Gigi” to James, are singing, acting, video production, and the Buffalo Bills (she’s originally from Silver Creek, NY, near Buffalo).