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7 Sessions
by Boyd Lien

ISAIAH!  The largest book in the Old Testament.  Prominent among prophetic writings.  See and hear the word of God through the faithful witness of this prophet as he reveals what God would say to us— with reverence, compassion, and an imagination that our image-oriented culture can appreciate. Isaiah’s extraordinary visual vocabulary can engage the heart and fire up the imagination. Describing what it was like to be in the presence of the Holy One, the Lord of Hosts is just one example.

What can we learn from Isaiah’s contemporaries whose stable world was threatened by competing rulers and empires? What did the words that are so familiar to us when they are read during worship around Christmastime mean to those who first heard them? How does Isaiah call us to cooperate with God in establishing righteousness and justice in the world? How do we find peace in the midst of so much that is stressful in our world? How does Isaiah describe the foundation on which we can place our faith and trust?  What does it mean for us to see the world as God sees it and to see the future that God wants for all peoples and nations?

7 Sessions, focusing on Isaiah, Chapters 1-39

  • Seeing Through Isaiah’s Eyes

  • The Holy One of Israel

  • Isaiah, Son of Amoz

  • The LORD’s Righteous People

  • New Songs of Salvation

  • Built Upon a Righteous Cornerstone

  • The Perilous Journey to Salvation



    ISAIAH, Parts Two and Three 

    ISAIAH, Part 2  Do Not Be Afraid!  6 sessions 
    ISAIAH, Part 3  Your Light Has Come  5 sessions 
    by Boyd Lien, author of this three part study on ISAIAH


    ISAIAH, Part Two—Do Not Be Afraid! (Isaiah, chapters 40-55)
    6 Sessions

    Some of the most beautiful passages in the Scriptures. See and hear the word of the Lord as Isaiah uses words and visions that inspire, strengthen, and sustain those who have lost all they had known. Focus on the words Isaiah uses to draw attention to God—the creator, sustainer, and redeemer. Reflect on the visions, images, and metaphors Isaiah uses to convey to us that there are no substitutes for the Lord God. God alone deserves our hope and trust, and thus, is the only one in whom we put our faith.


    • Prepare the Way of the Lord
    • Sing a Song of God’s Servant
    • Do Not Be Afraid!
    • A Light to the Nations
    • The Servant, a Man of Suffering
    • God’s Steadfast Love and Compassion