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James A. Walther, Sr.


Kerygma: The Bible in Depth

 Revelation: Visions for the Church in Crisis

Your Bible! The Study Begins 

God Saves a People 

God is Faithful

Knowing God

God Calls Leaders

James Arthur Walther was an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He spent most of his professional lifetime teaching. He grew up in the Pittsburgh area and went to Grove City College (PA). Less than a year after graduating from Western (now Pittsburgh) Theological Seminary, he entered the Navy chaplaincy and spent over two years in the Pacific area (1943-45). He then prepared for his teaching career by attending Victoria University in Toronto, where he received the Th.D. degree. After a brief pastorate he taught Greek and Latin at Grove City College, and then began thirty years of teaching at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He was Emeritus Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis.

Dr. Walther authored a variety of publications and was part of the team that began what would become the Kerygma Program as well as serving as a member of the Kerygma Editorial Board.  He wrote the first course which is known as Kerygma: The Bible in Depth.

He has two children and three stepsons. James Jr. and stepson Robert Langston are Presbyterian ministers. He stayed in the Naval Reserve for thirty years and served the chaplaincy in a number of capacities.

Dr. Walther passed away in December of 2005 and is greatly missed by his Kerygma family.