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Kerygma Challenge


The Kerygma Challenge is an every-member, in-depth study of the Bible that will transform your church. It's a message from the pulpit to the pew, challenging all to grow and deepen their knowledge of Scripture. Sunday morning begins the week's discoveries from the pulpit. Through the week, small groups meet to share what they have learned through their reading. A preaching series meets small group ministry! The concept is simple and powerful.


Pastors love the framework of a thematic, in-depth teaching series and trust Kerygma's theologically Reformed resources. If ever there was a time for in-depth study of the Bible, it is now. The Kerygma Challenge is an invitation to fall in love with the Bible all over again, or for the very first time.



·         An every-member in-depth study builds community and excitement through learning together. 

·         When pulpit-led, the Challenge is focused and effective. 

·         Increased familiarity with Scripture revitalizes congregations and has the ability to change lives.



·         Kerygma will help you choose the resources best-suited for your congregation. 

·         Courses range in length from 4 to 34 weeks and are suitable for all levels of biblical familiarity.  

·         We will assist you in the development of promotion and planning, support you throughout the study, and guide you where needed.Each study provides texts and scholarly background to inspire and equip pastors preaching the series.



·       Contact us for a free CD-ROM with a description of the Kerygma Challenge to get started. It will provide you with great ideas, some stories, and some strategies—but the vision will be all yours. When that vision starts to formulate, we would be pleased to be your partner in making it become a reality. 

·        Plan a Kerygma Challenge Workshop and we will come to you. Please visit the Training page on our website for more information.