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Our Approach


The study of the Bible provides endless opportunities for the development and publication of study courses. The publication guidelines identify the principal focus and approach of The Kerygma Program for the selection and development of study resources.

Publication Guidelines 

1.  The word kerygma has the basic meaning “proclamation” and is properly applied to material directly derived from and basically concerned with the good news of God directed to and through the People of God. This good news is essentially defined by the Bible; therefore, The Kerygma Program study resources should always be related to the Bible or derived from its message.


2.  The Bible is to be studied with appropriate use of the best study resources that are available. The Bible is the focus and determinant of The Kerygma Program study resources; so the materials that are determined by another focus are ordinarily not appropriate. These study resources develop from a Christian stance, and this should always be positive and non-polemic.


3.  The Kerygma Program study resources accept as a principle that the Bible is to be studied whole—which is understood to be different from studying the whole Bible. Kerygma: The Bible in Depth Resource Book is a conscious application of this principle, and derivative materials should be consonant with it. This does not preclude intensive study of parts of the Bible or subjects related to the Bible, but it does indicate that such studies shall be consistent with the witness of the Bible—whole.


4.  Development of new programs should be based on a study of needs and/or repeated requests that have arisen with the use of the basic Kerygma materials.


5.  The Kerygma Program study resources assume that those who study them will devote adequate and serious time to preparation for group time. This is sometimes referred to as “covenantal commitment.” Lay people are willing and able to participate in such Bible study.


6.  The Kerygma Program study resources assume a high level of competence and commitment on the part of leaders.


7.  The Kerygma Program study resources intend to help the people of God discern and apply the message of the Bible in and through the contemporary community of faith. This intentionality should not be labored in the materials, but should always be present.


8.  The Bible should be studied in relationship to the world and not in isolation from it, for the Bible contains a dynamic—not a static—tradition that requires confrontation with, and response to the present, past, and future.