Resource Book written by James A. Walther, Sr. A Resource Book is recommended for each participant including the leader. 

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Bible In Depth Ldr Kit

View the Leader Kit here which contains this Resource Book and the Leader's Guide with session plans and activities written by Barbara Minges.


The Bible in Depth

Foundational Study


34 Sessions  (2 hours each)

A comprehensive exploration of the Bible as a whole and its meanings for life today.  Each of ten themes traces related stories and events through both Old and New Testaments.  An exciting course of study for adults ready to reflect deeply on the Scriptures, faith and life. 


·         Introduction:  The Bible as a Whole

·         Theme 1:  God Saves a People

·         Theme 2:  People Find God Is Faithful

·         Theme 3:  People Reflect about God

·         Theme 4:  People Live in God's World

·         Theme 5:  God's People Have Leaders

·         Theme 6:  God's People Have Rulers but One Sovereign

·         Theme 7:  God Demands a Righteous People

·         Theme 8:  God's People Learn Wisdom

·         Theme 9:  God's People Worship

·         Theme 10:  God's People Have Hope

·         Conclusion:  Last Things




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