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Bible and Theology, Book 3




6 Sessions

Over centuries the church has developed theological ideas in the form of doctrines, which have been embraced by all Christendom with little variation. The Bible and Theology series explores eight major Christian doctrines. It examines the Old and New Testament texts that inform belief and explores how the church has formulated that belief as doctrine.


Book Three includes Themes 5 and 6  

  • Soteriology: How are We Saved?
  •  Authority: Where is Authority?


Published in four books as one thematic conversation or as four stand-alone studies. The others in the series: 



Book One  (7 Sessions)

  • The Trinity: Who is God?
  • Christology: Who is Jesus Christ?


Book Two  (6 Sessions)

  • Ecclesiology: What is the Church?
  • Anthropology: Who is Humanity?


Book Four   (7 Sessions)

  • Sacraments: What are the Sacraments?
  • Eschatology: What is the Kingdom?