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Job and the Life of Faith: Wisdom for Today's World | Leader Kit

Contains the elements required for the leader in one kit:


RESOURCE BOOKReviewed and refreshed! The leader will start here, reading the same material as the participants, for guided reading along with the Bible.


LEADER’S DISK. This disk is our most current technology. It offers strategies and teaching aids including the following elements:


· Leader’s Guide document, in PDF format, contains session plans written to be used along with the Resource Book.  It offers clear guidelines for creative, participatory class discussion and activities.  There are multiple engaging activities to choose from, allowing leaders the
View a Leader's Guide session for Job's studyopportunity to customize their own lesson plan.
 Copy & paste your choices into a blank document and tailor your lesson plan for your own class! 


· Slide Presentation for in-class use with visuals and activities to enhance the learning experience.  Click for sample  Individual slides JPEGs are also included to create your own presentation or to publicize your study.


· Videos - includes newly filmed visits with Carol Bechtel (A Word From the Author), plus two bonus videos to enhance your group time. Also includes an audio exercise.