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Second Corinthians: Living Letters in Christ


14 Sessions

by Calvin J. Roetzel

This resource is a natural follow-up to First Corinthians: One in Christ, but it is can to be approached as a stand-alone study. 



We could be forgiven for thinking that Paul's gospel message was fully formed from the moment he started writing letters to expanding churches. It's not until we spend some time with him as he contends with threats on every side that we appreciate the growth of his personal theological understanding. Out of this crucible of danger, deceit and despair recorded in 2 Corinthians comes Paul's most profound statements of discipleship, ministry and calling, and faithfulness and service to the truth he finds in Jesus Christ. We experience Paul as he is: His writing is at times raw and at others rejoicing; scolding; begging; enticing his brothers and sisters in Christ to become living letters honoring God with every fiber of their being.




·         Paul and His World

·         Corinth: Beachhead West

·        Gifts with Strings

·         Ministry of the New Covenant

·         Ministry of Righteousness

·         Body Language and a Ministry of Suffering

·         Ministry of Reconciliation

·         Braggart Warrior

·         Braggart Fool

·         The Fool's Speech

·         Postscript to Fool's Speech

·         Reconciling Letter – Part 1

·         Reconciling Letter – Part 2

·         Round Robin Letter


Eminent Pauline scholar Calvin Roetzel is your capable guide for this important study. He takes readers through the twists and turns of scholarly thinking on the structure of 2 Corinthians, all the while unraveling the knots, to lay before us the hidden—but logical—order to the chapters. He skillfully brings to life a time of deepest stress in Paul's ministry. 

Paul is at the breaking point as he is confronted by misunderstandings that are compounded by distance, and by new super-apostles showing up in Corinth fueling speculation about his worthiness to preach the gospel. All he has worked for to bring God glory is now at stake! In desperation, he digs deep into new theological ground, and ultimately provides readers with impassioned statements about being called from humility into power and grace.