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Gospel of Luke: Good News for All


by Carol J. Miller


14 Sessions

Luke's Gospel is uniquely inclusive, involving all people. Good News is for the outcast and the establishment, for the religious and those searching. Luke speaks to women, to men, to the strong and healthy, to the weak and dispossessed. Its relevance today inspires faith, spirituality and action.



• Getting Started With Luke

• God's Covenant Kept:  Annunciations and Births

• Preparations for Ministry

• Jesus Inaugurates the Kingdom of God

• Ministry in Galilee Continues

• Ministry in Galilee: Teaching

• The Journey to Jerusalem Begins

• Warnings on the Journey

• Life in the Kingdom of God

• The Journey to Jerusalem Concludes

• Jesus' Ministry in Jerusalem

• The Passion Narrative (1)

• The Passion Narrative (2)

• The Resurrection